Shen, Yuan Retired Professor


Environmental Sensing Laboratory


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‧ Soil and Environment
‧ Climatology
‧ Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
‧ Geostatistics
‧ Environmental Biophysics
‧ Special Topics of Remote Sensing


‧ National Chung Hsing University , Professor (1996 –)
‧ National Chung Hsing University , Associate Professor (1988 – 1996)
‧ University of Wisconsin-Madison , Research Associate (1987 – 1988)
‧ National Chung Hsing University , Teaching Assistant (1982 – 1983)
‧ National Taiwan University , Teaching Assistant (1979 – 1980)


Agrometeorology, Remote sensing, Soil physics


‧ 1998 Research Career Award, Chinese Society of Agromeorology

Membership in Academic, Professional and Scholarly Societies and Related Activities

‧ Soil Science Society of America
‧ American Society of Agronomy
‧ Chinese Society of Agrometeorology
‧ Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer
‧ Taiwan Agricultural Information Technology Association

Current Research Topics

‧ Study on rice yield and quality estimated by remote sensing techniques
‧ Spatial distribution of agrometeorological disaster potentials and their applications


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* Additionat 34 reseach papers published in chinese.