Teaching Emphases

Soil is the medium that bears the life of natural habitats. Soil, which produces food, fiber, energy, and relate closely to environmental quality and ecosystem evolution, is of utmost importance to mankind. Soil science is part of natural sciences and is the foundation of researches related to agricultural production, environmental protection, engineering construction, and biotechnology. Soil science is also an applied science in developing techniques to utilize and maintain our precious soil and environmental resources. The responsibility of this department, therefore, is to endeavor fully in the study of soil and environmental sciences. The department offers courses and programs leading to incubation of well trained students to meet requirements for national development and trends in international research communities.


Soil is the cradle of all terrestrial life forms. It provides the environments for various ecological systems. Without the healthy soil, there will be neither safe water sources nor safe agricultural products. Our department aims at nurturing the soil science students with strong professional knowledge and practical skills for the need of national development and the trend in academic study.


Our department provides programs in undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees. The core courses include the basic Physic, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematic; and advanced Soil Physic, Soil Chemistry, Soil Microbiology, Soil Fertility and Fertilizers, Soil Survey, Soil Ecology, Soil and Groundwater Pollution, Agriculture and Climate, Plant Nutrient and Disease, Remote Sensing, and Nanotechnology. We emphasize on the transfer of professional knowledge as well as the training of practical skills, encourage students to engage in interdisciplinary research projects, and participate in academic conferences, industrial collaborations, and student exchange programsto enhance theirinternational views.

Core Research Topics

Environmental Physics

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Environment and Ecology

Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation

Environmental Resources Survey and Planning

Faculties and Students

  • Professor:6
  • Associate Professor:4
  • Assistant Professor:2
  • Adjunct Professor:2
  • Chair Professor:1
  • Instructor:2
  • Undergraduate students:52/Year
  • Graduate students:M.S.15/Year, Ph.D. 2/Year

Prospective Development

  • Strengthen the teaching and research in soil sciences.
  • Develop innovated technologies to protect soil and ecosystems from pollutions through multidisciplinary studies and researches.
  • Create suitable management techniques, such as site-specific soil management, nutrition diagnosis, waste treatment and utilization, molecular biological technologies and microbe reagents, hydroponics and organic agriculture to achieve sustainable agriculture.
  • Promote works related to environmental resources surveying, planning and management.
  • Execute academic researches and field works in cooperation with “Soil Survey and Testing Center ” and “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Research Center ”.
  • Reinforce teacher incubation and invitation of oversea scholars.
  • Invigorate communications with other research institutions and international academic groups in both academics and technologies.
  • Provide opportunities of in-service training for soil specialist in agriculture and environment related organization to elevate the research quality and practice skills.